Portrait Project: Day Four

Waiting for the gate at SEA, sipping my pumpkin spiced soy latte, I hear "Shelly, Look." What I see was, well, priceless.  He's grooving to the music on his ipod, eyes closed loving life, with his backpack on.  His R2D2 backpack.  Arms covered in tattoos, oversized black t-shirt & baggy plaid shorts.  He is in his element waiting for the plane.  I had to be nudged...ok, practically pushed, to go up to him before they called his boarding group.  He was a little surprised that i told him I'd love to photograph him.  Smiled and said his name was Ernesto.  I asked him to hold up his backpack, and asked him how long he had it & did he have any more?  "Yeah!  I've had this for three years!  I also have C3PO, Darth Vader, Chubacca..."  Just then they called his row and we smiled and walked to the boarding door.  This project is unfolding in ways that I didn't really expect at first.   This contact with "others" is making me feel less like an Other and more like One.