Teddy & the Castro(s): Portrait day 10

Halloween night, 5:30 pm, I am in my jammies on the couch, eyes half mast from pure exhaustion and ready to head upstairs to bed... Then the realization hit me.  I haven't taken my portrait yet today.  

If you're wondering if I made a typo with the time, no.  I did not.  My air hostess wake-up call was at 4 am.  East coast time.  I had tossed and turned for the entire 4 hours I had dedicated to sleep. Maybe it was because of all the zombie movies and Walking Dead episodes that I had been watching earlier, or maybe my head was spinning with the tales from Nick of exhumations and corpses a few hours before.

Knowing what I had to do, and feeling like a zombie myself, I slowly dragged myself upstairs, got dressed, and threw my camera around my neck.  As I was heading out the door, I saw that my roommate Amy was also leaving, so I tagged along with her & we wandered the streets of the Castro in hopes of observing the lovely weirdness that is the Castro on a day like today.  

We ended up, as Amy & I typically do, at a bar.  Our new favorite one called Dante with our new favorite bartender named Teddy.  Amazingly enough, Teddy's costume was an airline pilot.  Laughing with zombie eyes, we ordered a drink and shared the irony with him.  I should have just kept my uniform on.  Asking to snap a photo of him before I fell asleep on the barstool, Teddy started asking me about cameras and photography. This perked me up a bit, and I asked him what kinds of things he was interested in photographing.  He just pulled out his phone and slid it in front of me.  The home screen was a shot of a beautiful old classic car, blue with white trim, sitting in the streets of Cuba.  "This.  I want to go back home and photograph all the cars before the embargo is lifted and they go away."  Photography is his way of not letting his home & his culture slip away, even though he is making his new life with us here in the Castro.  And therein lies the greatest irony of all.