My JS: Mayu, Day 14

She is my JS.  We laugh at how I am her AS.  I tell her just don't add another S, or make sure it's A-dot-S-dot.  We became sisters in 2007 when our mom turned 60 and brought us all together for a party at her home in Napa.  Gayle was her American Mommy, and my Mother-in-law.  I've never been married, I just fell in love with her son's photo in the galley of a 757 and we've been MIL and DIL ever since.  I know, this sounds like I have sniffed too much glue.  It's really just a sweet story of how we, who have chosen this odd life of flying, share a deep and rich river that make us into family.  

Mayu has one of the sweetest, purest souls of anyone I know.  She makes you laugh just by listening to her laugh, and you can't help but to smile when she speaks her "Janglish" while holding her glass of chardonnay with her delicately painted glitter nails, telling tales of love and travel.  I knew my portrait of Mayu had to include a glass of wine.  She loves wine.  She is a certified sommelier in Japan, just for fun.  I love this photo of Mayu because you see through the glass of wine to her gaze, but she is in fact the one who is seeing right through you.