SantaCon 2013.54

Christmas holds a very special meaning for us here in San Francisco... Every year, there is a tradition that brings us all together, lets us share our holiday joy with friends, and encourages our true expression of Christmas spirit...

Yes, folks, I am talking about SantaCon.

But, this is not just your typical 1,000 Santas in a bar crawl kind of SantaCon, this is an exclusive SantaCon party on a magical bus put on by the one and only Bernard-Claus. For the "millionth year in a row", Bernard has organized only the best of the best to celebrate this glorious day riding around the city's highlights on a pair of busses with neon lights and stripper poles.  I mean, isn't that how we are supposed to celebrate the spirit of the jolly old guy in a red suit? ...oh yeah, and that guy with the long hair and a loin cloth?  Annette here is the lucky one who happened to have her birthday on this celebration of holy fun, so she got a private party stop at her own Mission hipster bar filled with cupcakes and balloons.  To say the least, we all had an unforgettable day, dancing till dawn with our Santa cohorts, rounding out 2013 with love, laughter, and red sparkly mayhem.