Amy's Birthday: PP32

Amy woke up feeling sick on her birthday.  We all had plans to go out in the city and get a little crazy, but at 3 pm she still wasn't sure if she'd be up for anything.  She flipped on our new Apple TV Vevo channel, and very quickly country songs began to play.  

An hour later, I hear the music blaring along with Amy's voice singing along.  It was all sad country music!  I ran downstairs to stop this madness and insisted she play happy music.  She said "No, no!  It's not sad, it's music from when I was growing up!"  She's from farmland, a place called Vacaville (in spanish that means "cow land"!)  She clicked around to find some other, more upbeat country songs, and I sat down with her, curious to see what came up.  Then she said "What were songs from your childhood?"  Ahhhh, yeah!  I pondered for a minute, then called out a few band names... "Duran Duran!"  "Depeche Mode!"  "Bon Jovi!!"  We cracked a pair of pumpkin beers and sat there laughing and singing for the next hour watching video after video, each one more nostalgic than the last.  The doorbell rang, in came Lillian, then came Bridget, then Aaron... "What are songs from when YOU grew up?"  she asked all who entered.  Before you knew it, we had been huddled around the couch watching videos (and spontaneously jumping up in song & dance) for over five hours!  I don't know whether it was the pumpkin beer or the Wham! video that ended up making Amy feel better, but it was one of the most fun birthdays I've been to in a long time, and we all fell asleep to "Wake me up before you go go!" 

In all the fun, I forgot to take a 'portrait of the day'.  I had only taken one photo all day long!  I couldn't believe I forgot, especially with a house full of people dancing around to pop music.  I took this on my iphone so we could send it to a friend, I forget who now...hmmm.  So, my project today was to turn a crappy iphoto into something that Amy would actually like.  She's got her Sox shirt, her Arbita beer, and a smile.  That pretty much sums up Amy's happy place!  I am also attaching a portrait I took a couple weeks ago in Boston because I want Ames to be represented with a true portrait here in my 73 days!