Triple Threat 37

Dancing Queen.  That's what he was singing the first time I saw him.  It was a slow, raspy version that he sung as he sauntered down the stairs of the Muni at 5 am, gym bag in hand, sunglasses on.  

5 am again, I hear singing coming down the stairs and I knew who it was.  He sang to the silent tunnel, and to the three of us waiting there.  He looks at my red, shiny shoes and says, "You know what your shoes look like?"  I looked at him and smirked, "The Wizard of Oz!"  He looked bewildered, "You're a mind reader, aren't you?"  I said "Sometimes."

Excited to have a conversation, he continues, "The ladies call me Triple Threat!  You know why?"  His eyes I can see sparkling behind the dark frames of his sunglasses.  "Because I can sing, I can dance (does a little jig), and I got the muscles!!"   "HA!"  He moon walks for me, breaks out a few moves, and then pulls back his sleeve to show me his bicep flexing. He also flexes his pecs so that his shirt twitches up and down, up and down, up and down.  He smiles wide, and sings a little more.  The train comes, we both get on and he sits down.  Then the fun starts.  He smirks as he pulls out something so fantastic out of his gym bag... It's a... No, it can't be!  Yes!  Oh my God, it's a Shake Weight!  He looks up at all of us and starts to shake it, glancing back and forth at us, and at his muscles, smile a mile wide still, very proud of his muscles.  He sings a song, something about not leaving, but I get up because my stop is drawing near.  As I step out, I hear him say "Shake n' Bake Ricky Daddy!!"  Now, my smile is wider than his and I wonder if I'm the only one who thought Triple Threat just made my day!   




And just because he is SUCH a great character, I couldn't let this post go without showing you the ShakeWeight!  Enjoy.