Epilogue, Portrait Project.

As i was walking down the street the other day, my mind flinched,  I felt oddly naked, empty handed, and startled, realizing that i did not have my camera anywhere on me.  It was the first time in over 70 days.  I reached for it, almost gasping, then remembered my project was over and I was taking a break.  It was a nice feeling knowing that my compadre and I had become so close, yet it was also sad because I missed the edge that my project gave to each day.  Some days, I sigh a breath of relief knowing that I am not responsible for creating anything today.  Other days, I see people on my path who I desperately want to photograph, but instead just watch closely out of the corner of my eye and admire.  I wonder if this project got seeded deep enough in me to release the grip of fear that I was holding onto for so long.  I hope so.  I think right now, in the first week after, I am just taking deep breaths and appreciating what I accomplished.  I look back and see how the project was not exactly as I had planned, with glitches and bumps, and I am so incredibly blessed for that because in the words of one of my inspirations, Richard Avedon, "If you get what you expected, then it's a failure.  You have to be surprised for it to be magical."  Yes, Mr. Avedon, indeed it was magical.  I learned a lot about myself, not only as an artist, but as a person.  I came across triumphs, and I also sulked at my failures.  Over all, I not only got a portrait of 70 different people out there, I also got a portrait of myself and how my mind spins around inside my head.  

I really have to thank two people who directly and indirectly were responsible for my leap of faith to do this project in the first place:  Rob Novotny, and Scott Finsthwait.  Scott, for inspiring me with his '100 days of abstracts' project that he was creating when I first met him, and for always being my biggest fan.  And my dear Rob, who, when delving into our friendship, was my doorway to being able to talk of my dreams and fears with candor and rawness, and who encouraged me to take a risk.  

So, this project is officially "over", but it will remain with me every day, and I am already feeling the tingling of a follow-up project soon...  Thanks so much for everyone who tuned in daily to read the latest.  I absolutely loved hearing your feedback and feeling your support!  Mwuah!!!