67th portrait of the day: Crew love

Camile had never been to the Fort Lauderdale layover hotel before, so when we arrived at dawn from our redeye, Josh was excited to show her the amazingly sexy pool.  We all dropped our bags in front of the breakfast buffet bar, and rushed to the stairwell which led us up in between the clear walls, shimmery water shining down and around us on all sides.  It was a stormy morning, winds gusting, so we made it quick. I pulled out my camera to get a shot before we ran back to our bananas, muffins, and chocolate croissants, and realized that it was all fogged up.  It had been in my bag on the floor near the galley door on the airplane, which, for those of you who don't know, is the coldest place on earth.  Cool thing is, it gave us this great halo effect.