"Roommates" with 68

When I returned from my trip I was expecting to have an empty house, pour a night cap, and crawl into bed.  To my delight, I opened the door and found Brandon and Dorothy on the couch.  Although I only have one roommate, Amy and I often invite our friends to come hang with the kitten units while we are out traveling.  Brandon and Dodo are buddies.  I found them snuggling together sweetly, and I happily changed out of my uniform and joined them.  We poured some chardonnay and stayed up for hours catching up and sharing stories of our week & talking of our New Year's plans.  

I lived on my own on top of a beautiful mountain for seven years, knowing that my little studio would be exactly as I left it when I walked in the door, it was peaceful and calm.  I was afraid to leave my nest and take my chances living with another person in the city, thinking that it would be a step backwards, worrying about getting in each other's way.  What I found instead is that living with someone, sometimes more than one someone, actually makes me feel more grounded, more peaceful.  You don't know what you'll get when you walk in the door, but it keeps the most beautiful thing about life alive:  Change.  Yeah, I still have fantasies of living in my own spacious loft in Williamsburg, but even in those dreams I am surrounded by other breathing beings who are filling me up with life.