New Year's Eve, and the last portrait of my beautiful project

January 31st, and I needed a spectacularly sexy wig to bring in the New Year.  Living in San Francisco, I am lucky to have a plethora of choices.  After reading all of the reviews on Yelp and mapping out my closest options, I chose Helen's wigs on Divisidero.  When I walked in the door, it was like Candy Land!  Different colored wigs lined every inch of the walls, I was wide eyed and probably even let out a little gasp.  Then I saw movement from behind the counter and a round, inviting face smiled at me to ask if she could help.  "I'm looking for a long, red wig", I said, and just then my eyes fell behind her and I knew it was the one... "That one!  Can I try that one on?"  "Sit"  she said, as she motioned to the beauty station made up of a simple chair, brush, and hair dryer against the large mirrored wall.  With one swoop, she had my hair tucked into a wig cap, and then she wrapped my dirty blonde head with beautiful red lockes.  The bangs were a bit off, so she took the hair dryer and blew them down, then cut some of them to make it look just right.  I felt like I was at the salon.  We both looked in the mirror and smiled huge, and immediately I glimmered as I said "Yes, this is the one, I'll take it!"  She seemed as excited as I was, and after I snapped her photo, she was glowing as much as I was as well.  I'll be back to Helen's time and again... Maybe I'll even go there sometime instead of the salon, because you can walk out of her tiny little shop feeling like a movie star, and you don't even need it to be New year's Eve.