The Mourning After...

Donald Trump is President.  The world has shifted on its axis.  

This is a reminder for many things.  A) The underdog CAN win, no matter what odds are against him.  B) Our nation is way more divided than we thought.  C) No matter the election results, we must work to bring our country together, because for the past year it's shown its harshest divide. Oh, and most importantly, D) This is the time to practice mindfulness, meditation, kindness, and belief that good things grow out of dark places.

Trump is president for a reason, we just don't know yet what that is.  He could take us to the trenches, but then there will be life from darkness. He could take us to new heights, who knows, and then we'll all be saying "Wow, who knew?".  As much as I want to bury my head in the sand until this nightmare is over, I have to find the place within me to believe in our system, and know that the voices were indeed heard- whether they be mostly uneducated white men from the swamplands or not.  (I do know a few very decent, educated, lovely people who voted Trump, but the stats point to the majority of the votes from this demographic) I just wish he represented more of the diversity of this country, and not just the ones alluded by an orange guy yelling about how terrible America is. I know Obama promised change 8 years ago, and he won on that platform. Change is always going to win out over any other argument from people who's lives are going just fine.  It's an absolute truth that a lot of people in this country are not doing so well. They actually do need change, no matter if their leader is a misogynist, a groper, a liar, a thief, a cheater, or not.  Undoubtedly, this is the biggest upset in pretty much all of human history.  Part of me wants to blame Jill Stein, or that other idiot who didn't know what Aleppo was, as they took percentage points in Ohio that probably would have made the difference, as the margin was so close.  But I get it that independents needed to make their voices heard too- the ones who believe a 2-party system is not sustainable for the long run. I'm trying to be understanding to the voices, but why this year?? Argh!

It's just so hard to imagine that people would rather look up to a man who's message for change is tied to a message of hate for 'others'.  Are we now going to close our borders?  Shut down Planned Parenthood?  Extract ourselves from the Paris Agreement? Ban all Muslims? Where is that going to get us, really?  It just invites more hate.  I'm not so afraid of The Donald, I'm afraid of how this makes us look to the rest of the world, and what back lashes we will see from those people who are being attacked.  Ok, you are afraid of Hilary sending some emails, and her taking another percent of your millions, but what good will it do if you don't have human decency? Are you really wanting to Make America White Again?  Because that's what we just voted into the White House-  A team (Pence is probably even worse than Trump) who discredits Climate Change!  Who wants to punish women for making the most difficult decision of their lives! Who feel it's okay to teach their sons to hate people who aren't just like you, and grope women & brag about it!  I have three nephews, and I am at a loss to explain to them what just happened.  All I can say to them is, please don't be like this President. Actually, watch him, and do/be the opposite. Right now, we really need to find a positive role model for our children, because the man half the country just elected to lead us is the worst example for our kids that I can possibly imagine.  I just hope that four years goes by quickly and without too much collateral damage to both our economy, our security, and our psyche.  

I read an article the other day by an evangelical Christian newspaper columnist who explained why he decided to vote for Trump.  He said he struggled with the decision quite a lot.  But, it the end, he made his decision because of this:  He said that only when Man is down at his absolute worst will he then turn to God and ask for Salvation.  Let's get this straight- He voted for Trump because he believed it would ruin us as a people, therefore bringing the world together through the only salvation left- The Almighty.  Let that sink in a minute...

I have to admit, I don't believe this man is altogether wrong.  My thoughts this morning are along the same lines actually. Only when we see how detrimental this Presidency is, will we finally join together as a nation to defeat it and heal.  So, I'm preparing to brace myself and stand with the people who share my beliefs of inclusion and forward movement towards a positive goal.  Trump is not my President. I hope the World knows that half of us at least don't support his hateful messages and demeaning gestures.  

In summary, look at the year, and some of the fantastically outrageous events that occurred: Brexit, the Cubs won the World Series, and Trump got elected the most powerful man on the planet.

All I can say is, thank God for Baseball.