Everyone Poops!

I'm spending this week writing up a few blog articles for Virgin Unite, and Virgin Limited Edition, so please excuse my absence here!  I'm very excited to share the links with you when they are live!  

So, for the moment, I'm going to make short posts here, just to share some of my favorite memories, fun photos, and randomness.  Please enjoy, and I promise to continue the story very shortly... 



You know in movies or tv shows, how they never show the 'real' stuff... like putting away the groceries, posting on Facebook, or taking time on the toilet!  Same goes for nature photography, you always see the amazing shot of the lion roaring, or the leopard at sunset, but you don't really see the stuff that happens in between, like, well, when they pee and poop.  So, here you go!  Makes 'em seem just a little less frightening, don't you think?  ;)