463rd day

On this, the 463rd day since I hit the road on January 2nd, 2018, I close on my very first—most beautiful home. If you add 4+6+3, it =13 (The Gerrish’s lucky number for generations) This makes me extremely happy :)

It’s the 100th day of 2019 (yes, I love numbers!), and soon I will receive the phone call that 6940 N Bobcat Lane is officially my home. I am now a Tusconan!

“Why did you choose Tucson?” many people have—and will continue to—ask. My simple answer is that I had to find an affordable and reliable base for my job. I was a heartbeat away from settling in Bend, Oregon, but then gave up hope that NetJets would open up our basing structure. Looking at my solid options, PHX popped up as someplace to check out. Upon my initial research, Tucson kept creeping in as a cool alternative to Phoenix. I hadn’t even seen Tucson, yet after many more hours on the interwebs, I was convinced this was my town. So much so, that I made an appointment with a realtor on the hour I arrived. I drove straight into Tucson, and straight into her parking lot. We were house hunting 15 minutes later. That was January 9th. 3 months and 1 day ago. On that day, however, I was sad that I hadn’t fallen in love with it as I thought I would. Was I mistaken? Did I need to restart my heart again and move on to yet another city? Day two would provide more insight. On January 10th, I experienced the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, looking out over the hills where my future house would be, on my way to meet two of the people I now call family. What a difference a day makes! Soon thereafter, I would drive through the quaint city streets of Sam Hughes, go on a date wandering the back alley bars of downtown, and stroll amongst a thousand saguaros in the Catalina foothills. I soon realized that Tucson has everything I wanted, but maybe did not even know at the time. At first glance, it is the 10 freeway lined with chain malls, truck washes, and forgotten warehouses. But once you venture off the main roads and into the twisty, turvy inner circles, you are singing like Ariel about a whole neeeew woooorld! Sure, there is grit everywhere—strip bars, trailer parks, pawn shops, meth heads—but the gems appear to those who look beyond the curtain and seek out the treasures. Tucson is a city that doesn’t push all the grime to the outskirts to try and hide its dark side. It lets them cohabitate with the hipster barber shops, old school tequila bars, and gastronomic havens. And, if all else fails and you hate that, then all you have to do is live in Marana a few miles up. What I love most about Tucson are the silhouettes of the mountains during dusk and dawn, the dirt roads, the mezcla of old and new, and the warmth of the people. It’s like everyone who lives there is a part of a secret club that only we know exists—where you only become a member once your heart falls, and then you see the magic all around you. If you try to make Tucson yours, it will evade you, but if you let it seep into your blood, it is yours forever.

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 10.14.10 AM.png