One Night in Bon-aire!

When one signs up for a 13-day work week, one becomes belligerently happy when a beautiful island shows up on said work week's brief.  This is Bonaire.  A tiny little Dutch island less than a hundred miles off the north coast of  Venezuela in the Caribbean sea.  Supposedly it boasts world class diving, a donkey sanctuary, some flamingos, and a cool salt mine.  All I saw during my brief visit to this paradise was the Marriot hotel and it's lovely pool.  I did try to speed walk to a/any beach in the morning, but unfortunately I was no Forest Gump, and I could only make it to an inlet just past the airport where people walk their dogs that I don't believe even has a name attached.  But alas, it was still precious.  I was happy to speed walk right back to the Marriot and spend my coffee hours in the infinity pool overlooking the bay with iguanas basking in the morning sun.