In love with Palermo!

I didn’t expect to fall for Palermo like I did. After all, it was really just meant to be a transition from our stay in Modena to the beaches around the coastline which our pale bodies were so ready to find. But alas, the hustle of the city streets comforted me, and then when the shops closed and the nightlife emerged, I was transported into another world where tables spilled out onto the cobblestones, beautiful people crowded together, and hipster music ummf ummmphed into the sunset by the sea. Amy was shocked that I liked it so much. She said it was the most touristy of the places we had been, but something in me disagreed. I found the heart and soul of the new generation of Sicilians here, making their mark and breaking out of the molds that their ancestors created. They still had the old Sicilian soul, but they sprinkled modern style on it and breathed out sighs of individuality. The streets had a mixture of craft beer hole in the walls, traditional food carts, charming restaurants, and of course, gypsies. I could have stayed all week, but then again, I wasn’t complaining about the next few spots we were headed to either!