Sicilia: The Streets, Part I.

There are so many captures from Sicily that it’s hard to know where to begin… As my eyes are turning into one big blur as I curate and edit, I’m deciding to post in sections and just throw up what I’ve chosen for today.

This section of photos was taken in a town called Agrigento. I still don’t know if I spelled it right, or am saying it right, as Amy would roll her eyes and correct me every millionth time I pronounced it wrong! It’s a town that is visited mostly due to its proximity to the ancient ruins which lie just down the hill. The ruins were beautiful and impressive for sure, but my favorite part of visiting this part of Sicily was definitely the twisty-turny streets where the people lived and breathed. Walking along the cobblestones, you soak up the culture and the people by just looking around. The walls, the doorways, the alleyways—they are the jesters who speak to the passers-by and tell them what goes on in the hearts of those who live there. I have so many memories from just our short overnight—from trying to find our AirBnb in a downpour with no directions, to the way Amy sneared (lovingly, I’m sure) at me when she saw the mountain of stairs we had to climb with our massive backpacks, to the mouth-watering meal and divine wine we found down a random alleyway, and of course sipping wine on the patio watching the afternoon birds circle above. The photos that follow were mostly taken during a morning walk before the town awoke. Afterwards, I walked into a local bakery and bought two almond croissants and brought them back to Amy where we sipped espresso and wondered where our next adventure would lead us.