Niagara Falls is Frozen!?

With the turn of the year brought some of the coldest weather the US has seen in a long time!  I heard that Niagara Falls had frozen over, but to me, that's kind of like saying Hell has frozen over. How do you even comprehend?!  I'd been to the falls on the Canadian side a couple of years ago when I was on a work tour with Eastern Airlines.  We were flying a major league hockey team to Toronto, so before our next flight we all squeezed into a tiny rental car and sped up to the falls for a half-day adventure.  I recall being mesmerized by the sheer amount of water that was racing over the cliffs every nano-second, each droplet seeming to be in a mad dash for the edge.  So, I had to see for myself about this 'frozen over' myth I had heard.  As our Lyft driver let the three of us off at our hotel, I mentioned how I wanted to go see the falls.  She turned to me and said, "I'll take you if you want.  We can walk down by the falls too, and I'll show you the path."  "I'll be back down in 8 minutes!" I replied.  It was cold as a witches tit out there!  If not for the gloves that I randomly bought at the Las Vegas Walmart while waiting for my Wal-Mani-Pedi last week, my fingers would not have been able to manage the camera controls & all I would have is one selfie that my driver Nazarene took of me.  But alas, I was grateful for my $9 purchase as we walked through the snow banks to the path near the falls on the New York side.  What I loved, and what Nazarene also appreciated about the NY side of the falls is that there are no lights, no traffic, no casinos on this side.  All of the flashy flash and hubbub belonged across the deep gorge to the Canadians.  Over here in New York-land, you were able to weave through paths and trees and lookouts without being overwhelmed by a zillion others.  Granted, on a night like this, we were the only two people on either side of the frozen tundra... or at least it seemed, but even so, I could appreciate the drastic difference in the two side's personalities.  It also made for a good backdrop, all the lights.  So the myth held true, as my eyes did see, although some water had begun to thaw and make small openings in the ice sheet below.  It was a sight to behold, there in the arctic chill of the night.I was thankful to have a girlfriend to walk around with and chat to that night, even it was just a brief friendship, disappearing into the night just like those few streams of water that plunged over the edge and dove into the cold abyss. This is part of the reason I love my job.  Connecting and sharing brief moments in time with strangers, and feeling a little bit more alive because of them.    The next time Niagara calls me, I will buy a ticket on the Lady of The Mist and feel those waters flow beneath me and all around me!