Pilgrimage to Noto

Ahhh Noto… When it comes down to it, Noto is the whole reason I ended up going to Sicily for this vacation—but not because I had ever heard of it before. Amy, my sister from another mother, is one of the biggest foodies I know. She’d seen a documentary a few months earlier on this little town in southern Sicily which is home to arguably the best gelato in Italy. She had to go see for herself. As luck would have it, Amy has a great friend (a roommate from her college years) who happens to live in Sicily, and who we would stay with for the first few days of our adventure. So, without a second thought, I booked my airline to join her. I do wish I had followed Amy around Noto like a Paparazzi, capturing every moment of her glory on this gelato-nous pilgrimage. But if I did, I think she would have ditched me down a side alley and left me to fend for myself. So, alas, I have just these few shots, but I think they capture a glimpse of her anticipation, deep thought (of what madness to order), and childlike glee. It was so much fun to be her sidekick in tracking down the place and the man (who happened to be there that day!), and partake in the sheer joy of checking a bucket list box!