Mezcla de Sicilia

There are soooooo many memories from our two weeks in Sicily, it’s hard to put them all in the right ‘categories’ and posts. This is my mezcla (mixture) of one-offs that didn’t make it into the other sections, but which mean a lot to me.

The cactus is symbolic of everywhere…it is like the mascot of Sicily, catching your eye at every turn in every city in droves or in singular pots. Returning home to California, I now see cactus ev-er-ee-where—I guess it’s the new ‘it’ thing here now too! I bought a cactus keychain so that I am reminded each day of the joy of travel. I may wallpaper a bathroom in cactus one day too. And, when I do get under my own little roof in Bend, you can be sure that you’ll find cactus peeking out of the corners. The other image branded into my soul about Sicily is the water. It is intertwined with the people like a third sibling or a BFF. And it’s clear…crystal clear! And soft, and calm, and inviting, and just…ahhhhh. We would rent cute little chairs at each beach, but I would spend most of my time wading in the water—walking through it, waving my hands in it, dipping under it, appreciating each drop as it trickled down my skin. It is truly magical—so different from the oceans I grew up in, which were full of crashing waves, sand getting all in the pocket of your bikini bottoms and sagging down, diving through the playful yet scary walls of water rushing at you. This water was like a puppy licking your feet (Hmmm, that’s a little weird, but hey, let’s go with it)—your best friend and you just hanging out in the sun. As much as I loved being by and in the water, I also loved wandering through the streets. The architecture is old and intriguing, the window frames are all cool, the cobblestones and undulating cement show the age and wear of generations. And, they led you to my next favorite thing: The fish! Mmmmmm, the fish! The one pictured is my all time fav. I have no idea what it is, I can just pick it out by its shape and size. I’ll just call it Sicily-fish. Anyway, it’s the bomb. I also had to include a train station shot, as that’s how Ames and I got around the island. The trains are very user friendly there, and get you to most places you’d want to visit. This particular station was the closest one to Noto, and we weren’t sure if a train was coming at all, or if they’d let us buy tickets on board, but we just waited…and waited…and finally one showed up. The little girl here is the one, the only, Scarlett! She and her sister, Vivienne, were our sidekicks at Amy’s friend’s home—their giggles and playful antics kept our hearts young during our stay in Marsala. I miss those gals a lot. They have grown up in a place where their family and their environment keep them connected to nature, real playtime, and a sense of wonder that is dwindling in most societies. They know how to use technology, but they don’t depend on it, and would much rather engage in personal connection and exploration. I really hope I get to see those girls again—they are truly unique. And, to close out this mezcla, I leave you with the suuuuuunseeeeets! The airbrushed beauty below was our greeting in Cefalú as we arrived down at the seaside before heading into the maze of streets in search of dinner. We all sat outside at cafés, ordered bubbles and wine, and came to a soft silence as the sun returned to the horizon. We were always out during the sunsets—they were tangible—which is a stark contrast to my daily life when I tend to miss when day turns into night because of planes, plans, or other distractions. On vacation, sunset time is never missed. So… with that, Sicily comes to an end, and the rest of the images rest lovingly in my mind. I believe there area as many ways to do Sicily as are beaches on its shores. You make it into your own story, and hopefully one day, you can return to make more.